Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend- in a timely manner

I'm nothing if not punctual this weekend.  Perhaps it's all the spring forward business.  Here's something fun from this weekend, in a timely manner.  It was my first race for the season and a second for the kids.

Lou had refused to run until just moments before his race.  I was so glad he did change his mind.He has been very nervous about the whole pinching part of St. Patrick's Day and requested a shirt that said, "Don't Pink Me!"

Bee was pretty clingy that morning.  It was a big race and there were tons of people.  She stayed close... even during my stretching.

This 7K was a St. Patrick Day event.  That explains my socks.  I was one of the least festive people there.  There were people running in kilts and wool sweaters. 

This was a great race for me.  I was pleased with my pace and how well I felt during and after the race.  The kids were super pleased with their medals.  Bee was so happy that her age group didn't have to run a quarter mile like last time.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sunshine and trampoline.  Could we have worked up any more static?

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