Tuesday, March 8, 2011

quick boy gift

We got invited to a last minute birthday shin dig for a buddy of Lous. I knew we only had time for a gift if I made something.   Lou knew his friend liked he movie Cars so he picked out Cars fabric.  I used the Boy's drawstring backpack from Noodlehead to guide me though this one.  Oddly enough, I had cars fabric on hand as well as the blue and black we chose to go with it.   I even had a red zipper just the right size.

Lou thought the open zipper open looked like a mouth.

I made up a crayon roll, a little drawstring bag for  treasures and a little drawing book that I just sewed up the side.  We even had some Cars pencils on hand that I gotten on clearance.  We threw in some lifesavers since those are our friends favorite.  

Not pictured:  I printed off a bunch of pieces from the Cars Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1.   I was literally cutting out all the laminated pieces in the car on our way to the party.   We also threw in a dry erase marker to use on the laminated pieces. 

 We had a fun time at out friend's house.  They had the cutest new puppy who we played with all afternoon.  He only aided in Bee's 'I want a puppy' kick.  Geesh. 

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