Sunday, March 27, 2011

freak out

A quick post today before I get back to things as normal this week.  We are glad to be back home and in our regular routine.  

Here's a freaky/funny thing from our week visiting my mom.   

{Here's a bit of back story:  My mom works at a senior living facility (not like a nursing home but more like apartments sort of).  Anyway, she and the other managers live on site.  So, when we go visit, they have some rooms for us to stay in.  It's fun, the kids love eating in the dining room.}

Ok, so one night hubby realized that he'd forgotten something in the car and ran out.  When he came back in the room he was clearly freaked out.   He brought me out into the hall to see this. She hadn't been there earlier in the day.  Freaky.

He thought it was Bee, which wouldn't have made sense;  it was late, she was sound asleep.  Of course, he investigated to see what had given him such a startle.  Freaky.

I ran back in the room and the next day we took the kids to investigate. Freaky.

It's just a doll.  She had moved in with the resident that moved in that day.  It's the same doll my mom said she had when she was little.  It's still freaky.  My sister's trip overlapped with ours by two days.  We made sure to show her the freaky doll when she got there too. 

Here's something not freaky.  It's a new project.  It's going to be the project that never ends.  I always say that though.


Melissa said...

I was thinking that was a picture from The Shining when you posted it. Freaky.

Jennifer Juniper said...

That doll is freaky! Is your never ending project a quilt?!?

Danielle said...

O my gosh! It's right out of a creepy horror movie. lol. My friend is also making a hexagon quilt.

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