Saturday, March 19, 2011

butterfly in a jar- a splurge

The kids both had birthday parties to go to this week. I usually make our gifts, but I had several other things on my plate this week so I took them to toys r us.  I gave them a budget and let them choose.  I didn't have a budget for getting anything for myself of course, but ended up buying two things.  Both are butterfly related and I'll use them for school and the nature center so they'll get used, but they were a splurge.  One is this butterfly in a jar called My Pet Butterfly.   (I also bought a life-cycle model kit -something similar to this, but mine has four different critters)

It took me a few minutes to figure out how it worked.  There is a tiny tiny thin wire that makes the butterfly flutter about in the jar.  It's cool, plain cool.  It really looks like a real butterfly in a jar.

It makes a great cat toy too. 


Danielle said...

Also, on the upside, the butterfly will never die. They really are cool. I saw them at the Cracker Barrel store last weekend. I will try to get you those measurements today.

Holly said...

We saw these the other night and my little one LOVED it. Might have to get one soon!

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